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Apple vinegar

Apple balsamic vinegar

The Contemporary Tradition for your Life Style


Originally from Central Asia, where it was cultivated as early as the Neolithic period. Today the apple tree is the most cultivated tree in the world, not only for the delicious fruits but also for their…

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Many classify apples according to colour: red, green and yellow. But did you know that there are more than 7500 varieties? And that only about ten of them make up about 70% of the apples…


It is definitely the most widespread fruit in Italy, where it’s always considered a synonym of health and wellness. For about 85% of their weight apples are made of water.


Making vinegar is a fine art, it’s the pleasure of giving a light breath of taste to the cuisine.
We feel the creators of this ancient art of which perhaps, unconsciously, we continue to be bearers of its great values.
We are convinced that our know-how is the most natural and authentic sign of respect to this patrimony to which we are attached, out of love and feelings of gratitude.
The vinegar in this small bottle for us contains all these values and we believe that it will give you a light breath of pleasure too.

Elda Mengazzoli

Apple vinegar
Apple balsamic vinegar

It’s a vinegar characterised by a sour-sweet aroma and a velvety texture. This product is obtained by the natural fermentation process of concentrated apple juice which is left in a barrique for a long period of time. Apple balsamic vinegar goes perfectly with risottos with herbs and fruit, white and veal meats, boiled meats and vegetables. Really tasty on ice cream and fruit salad. Particularly suitable for apple strudel and cakes with fresh fruit.

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